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The world of digital technology combined with the beauty of natural stone!
The Granite Shop has committed itself to excellence in quality control. By utilizing digital technology, we are able to accurately follow odd-angle walls, circular shapes or any other design needs you may have. Since we are able to make all of our measurements and design requirements digitally, we are able to reduce errors and speed up production times resulting in better scheduling for our contractor clients and far less service-related issues. We are able to provide this service at no additional charge due to the savings which result from improved accuracy. We want our customers to know that we make every attempt to provide quality that meets or exceeds your expectations.

Digital Templating 1 Digital Templating 2

To the left is a photo of our templating system for a bathroom tub surround. For most shops, this design would represent many challenges. For The Granite Shop, it is just a matter of setting up the reference points and taking a series of photos. The red bars represent the reference bars that determine the scale of the photo targets. The various markers trace the outlines of the sub-structure and the adjoining walls.  

To the right is the CAD program’s processing of the photograh above. It uses the reference points to generate a line drawing of the shape with accuracy that suppasses standard measuring techniques.

Digital Templating 3To the left is an overlay of the two images. Notice the line outlines. This overlay ensures that accuracy is achieved prior to any stone being cut. Once again, less errors in cutting means better quality of installation and additional savings to our clients. Complex no longer has to mean expensive. By plotting in advance, we are able to determine the seam locations and the best utilization of your natural stone slab.

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