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Stone Care Products

The Granite Shop carries excellent stone care products
These products are specially formulated to keep your granite clean and bright. They are non-acidic and safe. To order, call us at (404) 794-4400.

Cleaner Cleaner - Spray
The Granite Cleaner spray bottle is great for islands and long sections of granite. It is easy to use, and you can use it regularly to keep your granite clean and shiny. This non-acidic formula can be used daily.
Cleaner Wipes Cleaner - Wipes
For smaller areas, these Granite Cleaner Wipes are an easy way to clean your countertops. These wipes are ideal for for the bar or smaller vanities. This non-acidic formula can be used daily.
Polish Polish
Use the Granite Polish to keep it like new. This formula is safe to use on food preparation countertops, and it helps restore your granite to its original shine.
Sealer Sealer
The Granite Sealer, like all sealers, helps prevent stains from penetrating below the surface of the stone. This sealer will make your stone easier to clean and more water resistant.

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