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The Granite Shop also offers sinks
The Granite Shop has a limited selection of the most popular sinks. This can save you time since we require your sink during fabrication to ensure the right fit and support.

Kitchen Sinks| Vanity Sinks | Bar Sinks

Kitchen Sinks

Kitchen Sink 4
Offset Double Bowl
Stainless Steel
Kitchen Sink 2
Double Equal Bowls
Stainless Steel

Large Single Bowl
Stainless Steel
Kitchen Sink 1
D-Shape Double Bowls
Stainless Steel
Kitchen Sink 5
Triple Bowl
Stainless Steel

Vanity Sinks

Vanity 1
Biscuit - Porcelain
Vanity 2
Oval Copper
Vanity 3
Oval - Stainless Steel
Vanity 4
Round - Stainless Steel
Vanity 5
Small Oval Porcelain
Vanity 6
Large Oval Porcelain
Vanity 7
Glass Bowl
Vanity 8
Porcelain Bowl

Bar Sinks

Bar Sink 1
Bar Sink 13 x 10 - Stainless Steel
Bar Sink 2
Bar Sink 13 x 16 - Stainless Steel
Bar Sink 3

Round Bar Sink - Copper
Bar Sink 4
Round Bar Sink - Stainless Steel


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